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Simona specialty coffee club

Simona is not a person, it is a concept that goes far beyond specialty coffee and gastronomy. The monkey; Simona — represents the ALDEA concept, to support one another and to grow as a community. With an open heart and an open mind, Simona transcends cultures, origins, language and race. Our philosophy builds on a sense of togetherness; from our café, to our community and finally to the land, everybody are welcome to co-create in the communal growth of Simona.

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The Simona way!

We are deeply thankful and proud to have such talented friends co-creating Simona Coffee Club. Ricky, Marcio and Julio at Old Town Coffee who roasts and delivers our delicious house coffee blend, Luis and Iñaki baking croissants and loaves of bread every day, Griffin who ferments Kombuchas, Fermín who comes down from the mountain every two days with fresh milk from his happy cows. Simona Specialty Coffee Club is a product of a strong community based in love, openness and joy between producer, employees, collaborators and customers. With the objective to support and bring value to every single person, animal or plant which are involved in the process.


Simona Coffee club is the local spot where no one will feels like a stranger, the café in Donostia - San Sebastian where you can savour the proximity of international food prepared with local products. Simona is a place where people connect and cultures merge. A place with a view of the world, a bar with a local character, a menu with an accent. Because Simona Coffee Club will always leave you with a good taste in your mouth.

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International flavors, Local products

We encourage the union of worlds, ideas and beliefs through a dynamic cuisine. Simona is regional products and recipes from around the world. By creating unique synergies with producers, collaborators and artisans who are proud of their land, who respects the seasons and celebrates the richness of its flavours. We seek to work closely with people who appreciate the value of life, not its price.